We design and manufacture minimalist, practical and high quality bicycle stands using first-class materials and premium worksmanship.

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S+Bikes is a Dutch company with a Swiss-looking logo, handcrafting stylish bike products using clever design and premium materials.

Stainless steel is our preferred material, thanks to its technical characteristics which perfectly adheres to our high standards. We also enjoy working with natural materials, like wood, hemp and cork.

The drive

Quality, sustainability and design.

Impermanently Permanent

One could call this a complicated way of saying zero waste. But zero waste is much more to the extreme end of the sustainability spectrum. Impermanently Permanent is a concept formulated here at S+Bikes which refers to creating permanent, solid, high-quality products all while being impermanent - easily recyclable, biodegradable - simply said, that can be returned to nature or society in a safe way for all participants at life.

Lasting products create less waste

As a measure of sustainability of a product, long lasting products are technically more sustainable than short lifespan / ‘consumerist’-type products. Long lasting products have a lesser impact on the environment on all levels of the supply chain, and over their life span they simply need less energy and resources to be managed if designed correctly.

Timeless design

For all this to make sense, lasting products must stay relevant. Trends, styles, tastes and preferences come and go with every new generation and with the constant update and upgrade in awareness over our needs as humans. Hence, the natural solution to stay relevant as a long lasting product is to have a timeless design.


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Mar 2017

Lauching Furiosa concept bike

Jul 2018

Finalist at Eurobike start-up competition