Portable bike stand for perfect photos

Essentially a lightweight portable kickstand, S+StickStand is actually more than that. It's for cycling passionates who are out on their bike and love to share their build or the places they reach with the world. A slim detachable stand is the perfect way to get a quick and effortless shot of your bike.

SImply adjust the height, then prop the bike on the stand making sure the angle is right to support the weight of the bicycle and you're good to go.

The slim form factor makes it blend into the background behind the wheel spokes, which makes it perfect for hassle-free photoshoots.


Only 130g / 4.6oz


30-40cm x 4cm x 1.2cm


For all bike sizes and easy to set up


Adjustable height to match your frame and wheel size

The StickStand features frame support and ground support 3D printed parts and a steel tightening ring, as well as rubber feet that adhere to any surface, making sure the bike is held in place well.