A minimalist and elegant bike stand

Less is more

It really is with this simple bike stand

The design and purpose of S+Stand is very straight forward: intruding as little as possible with the bike resting on top, simply blending in. Constructed out of 8mm stainless steel wire, it performs well even under heavier bikes. The wheel simply locks into the shaped steel and even though the stand is a light structure, the bike stays stable thanks to the balanced proportions.

Compact, lightweight and versatile

It fits bikes ranging from 26″ to 29″ wheels, and allows tires from 23mm wide, up to 47mm. It can be used for front or back wheel. Geared bikes with derraileurs fit the stand only on the front wheel. Just under 35cm wide, it stays within the width of most bikes.

S+Stand has been designed and engineered for city bikes and e-bikes, single speed bikes, mountain bikes, eMTBs, road bikes.