A simple and effective bike stem which rotates the handlebars and gives you more room.

More space for you

S+Stem solves a number of problems which most cyclists can relate to

First is that it saves space by covering a smaller footprint compared to the typical setup of a bike. Normally the handlebars are quite wide and they occupy space on both sides of the bicycle. This sometimes causes people to hit their hip or bump into the bike. S+Stem solves this, as it enables the user to place the bike next to a wall for example, taking much less space and making room for passage.

Peace of mind

Easy parking. Safe storage.

S+Stem makes possible to place the bike with ease in the shed or park it at work, even in the hallway of the house. It also makes parking in the city, next to other bikes, much easier.

Because it’s so convenient to put inside, the bike is now safe from thieves, bad weather, and there’s no need to lock it.

S+Stem is suitable for most types of riding and can be retrofitted on threadless stem bicycles. It has been designed and engineered for city bikes and e-bikes, single speed bikes, hybrid bikes; it is compatible with, but less suitable for mountain bikes, eMTBs, road bikes.

S+Bikes has received a patent for this unique and innovative space saving mechanism.

Can I have one?

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