Launching FineStand, the bicycle rack collection meant to bring refinement and a modern stylish feel to bike parking infrastructure.

FineStand includes 3 commercial bike rack models. They are made for public or private spaces, such as offices, commercial centres, government or municipality institutions, but also great for residential and private use.

Manufactured fully out of stainless steel, all pieces are designed for long life-time, low maintenance and timeless appeal.
The line-up includes:

FineRack Low
The FineRack Low packs great value in a sleek and harmonious design. Perfect for public of private spaces which need a polished and stylish look for bike parking. This rack support 2 bicycles.

A practical bike rack disguised into something that looks like a modern sculpture. FineRack combines both wheel support and the possibility to tie the bike by the frame.

PedalPark introduces a new way to park your bike – by attaching the pedal to the specifically designed support. The bicycle thus remains stable, straight and needs no additional wheel rack. It features a strong rubber pedal holder which guarantees a soft landing for the pedal. It also protects the pedal and crank arm from scratches.

At S+Bikes we specialize in design and production of bicycle stands for residential and commercial use. We take great care to create products that not only serve their purpose flawlessly but also add a touch of elegance to any environment.