Elegant bike parking

And cool. And practical


Elegant commercial bicycle racks





StandArt is our newest commercial bike racks collection which brings quality, design and functionality to the bike parking infrastructure of cities worldwide. The four-piece selection caters to different needs and budgets. Discover what makes it special below.

Exquisite design

Low maintenance. Premium look and feel.

The original, minimalist design and use of carefully processed stainless steel results into balanced organic shapes and strong yet elegant appearance.

All models offer unrivaled long lifetime guaranteed by the stainless steel construction.

commercial bike racks
commercial bike racks

Thoughtful functionality

Durable construction. User oriented.

All models are suitable for regular bikes and e-bikes of any weight. Models with wheel racks accept bikes with tire width up to 55mm. Some models are suitable for other urban micromobility vehicles parking such as e-scooters, kick bikes, foldable bikes and more. 


Safe to park. Easy to lock.

With typical bicycle street racks users cannot tie their bike to the rack via the frame. Locking the bike only by the wheel makes them unsafe to park and prone to theft.

StandArt has that covered.

commercial bike racks

Our street racks have a timeless elegant presence, which makes them fit perfectly in modern or classic urban environments, both private and public, residential and commercial.

All models come in brushed stainless steel finish as standard. Surface level mirror finish is also possible.
Installation with stainless steel bolts or specifically re-designed footings for concrete foundation on request.

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